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As a design or build professional, imagine having a whole library of design and build resources 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our new subscription service will provide you with the knowledge to grow your business, stay on top of the latest in accessible and sustainable design and live in place build and design practices.

Resources include:

  • Summit Videos including past and present panels and sessions
  • Research & Trends relevant to the interior design and build industry
  • Database of Media Publications covering accessibility, aging in place and sustainable design 
  • Case Studies of accessibility inclusive projects, aging in place and more
  • Resource Directory and Library for you to find, connect and explore further opportunities
  • And Much More!

Over 200 hours of educational video content from impactful industry professionals such as Thea Kurdi, Steven Peck, Andrew Guido, Hoby Wedler, Marla Baker, Kelli Ellis and more! Content spans the topics of aging in place, wellness, accessibility, biophilia, design psychology, business etc… 

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