April 28-30, 2021:

Explore new perspectives and  practices around inclusive home design.

This event is of interest to those working in aging in place, accessibility, wellness in the home and from the following sectors: 

About #LivABLEEnvironments


Currently there are more people over the age of 65 than under the age of 14. Once again the Baby Boomer generation is being recognized as one of the largest segments of the population and the driving force behind the living well in place.

Today over 90% of Baby Boomers want to remain in their own homes as they age. With the means and a desire to be active, relevant and contemporary, Baby Boomers are creating change in how they live. If you want their business then you need to pay close attention.

The Baby Boomer generation is changing the face of interior design.
Their want for accessible, barrier free, comfortable and well environments is of no surprise. But what is of surprise is that their movement is growing to include others that have similar wants due to their needs. That raises the question and ignites conversation as to “why are we not designing and building better spaces for everyone?”

Currently we are facing a housing crisis. For individuals to remain at home during their lifespan they will need to modify their spaces.

It’s reported that: Home Modification is a $77 billion dollar industry in Canada with New Builds tipping the scale at $275 billion dollars! (reported by the Canadian Home Builders Association)

To support everyone, regardless of age, ability or size, the idea of LIVING IN PLACE came about. This new, expanded movement started asking “why can’t residential environments adapt to us as our needs change over an entire lifespan?” Think about it. The design of our homes shouldn’t be driven by any one specific factor. Environments should support everyone regardless of AGE, ABILITY or SIZE!

Here’s what our attendees had to say……

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