The Danish Approach: How its Classic Design Principles Translate into Innovative Eldercare Solutions

Denmark is a small country, but the Danish style has a large impact on the world of design. The fundamentals of Danish design are simplicity, functionality, and elegance in the context of furniture and architecture. Nature can provide inspiration, and sustainability is important. Denmark also has a lot of cross-sector collaborations, including between politicians and healthcare professionals. But, is it a coincidence that these countries have a high level of welfare technology and healthcare? Or are they caused by something else? During a one-hour live panel discussion, we will explore how basic principles of Danish design influence the process (and outcomes) of healthcare innovation in Denmark. We will focus on eldercare and how it distinguishes Denmark in its approach to meeting social and medical challenges.


Katie Tucker Trade Advisor- Health and Life Sciences at The Trade Council of Denmark

Sara Gry Striegler Program Director, Social Transition at Danish Design Centre

Morten Hoff Chief Consultant at the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark

Helle Kriegbaum International Business Developer of Wellness Nordic

Anand Pandya Guldmann Innovative Solutions

Neils Heuer CEO of DigiRehab

Johannes Pedersen Co-Founder & Partner Architect at NORD Architect