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Linda Kafka, Advocate of Inclusive Design and Expert on Interior Design

Linda Kafka

Founder, CLIPP, CAPS Principal Livable Canada

Linda is a residential interior design sector educator, resource + connector. One of Canada’s top go-to Living in Place industry experts and speaker. Founder of the Livable Canada; an online trade resource.

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Janet Wortsman

Business Change Consultant

Janet brings to our LivABLE Canada community experience working across financial services, retail, not for profit and government services, leading Canadian and global teams in business change projects, program development, operational reviews as well as merger and acquisition planning and execution. In addition to her involvement in a travel website start-up, Janet has recently returned to independent consulting, working closely with business leadership teams and senior Human Resources professionals to create and implement practical steps to seamlessly introduce change and realize strategic goals. With a passion for generating healthy, inclusive and accessible communities, Janet employs a holistic approach to managing the expected, the unexpected and emergent opportunities while building strong relationships, engaging people and delivering desired outcomes.

Livable Canada

Maimu Molder

Networking, Creative Strategist

Paired with various experiences working with older adults and a certificate in gerontology, Maimu is a passionate advocate of universal design as good design for all, especially for quality living-in-place. Maimu is a past Director of Operations for, which created a universally designed, easy-to-use communications app for older adults, servicing clients Sunnybrook Veterans Centre and Revera Retirement Living & Long Term Care. Maimu has taken numerous continuing education courses in universal design through the University at Buffalo IDeA Center, as well as the Accessible Spaces 101 course with the Rick Hansen Foundation. She will have completed a five-month course for the Executive Certificate in Home Modification at the University of Southern California in Feb 2022. With more than 30 years of experience, Maimu has organized programs, events, and seminars at trade and consumer shows, conferences, and festivals. Add onto that expertise in promotion through public relations, marketing, and social media.

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Pam Hope

Advisor, CLIPP, CAPS, Rick Hansen Accessibility Certificate

Pam is in the accessible sector as a  rental home provider for active seniors with mobility challenges in the GTA. I’m also a wayfinding consultant for multi-tenant residential builds, with depth of knowledge in accessible wayfinding protocol.

Livable Canada

John Groe

ADL Managing Partner, Accessibility Consultant, Speaker, Educator

John has over 20 years experience in accessibility. As Accessibility consultants & contractors he specialize in home, workplace & motor vehicle modification solutions that improve quality of life by creating barrier free living.

Janet Armstrong

Janet Armstrong

Accredited Interior Decorator and Designer, CAPS

Janet Armstrong is an accredited interior decorator, designer and living in place specialist. She designs accessible, beautiful spaces that support her client's health, wellness and lifestyle while reflecting their personality and style in order to enable them to remain in their homes well into the future.