Advisory Board

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LivABLE Design Summit March 15-17

Linda Kafka

Founder, CLIPP, CAPS Principal Livable Canada

Linda is a residential interior design sector educator, resource + connector. One of Canada’s top go-to Living in Place industry experts and speaker. Founder of the Livable Canada; an online trade resource.

Janet Wortsman-01

Janet Wortsman

Global Perspective, Local Solutions, Transformative Change

Janet has recently returned to independent consulting, supporting senior HR professionals and their leadership teams in taking strategic goals and creating practical steps to seamlessly implement transformative change. With a passion for generating healthy, inclusive and accessible communities, she employs a holistic approach to managing the expected, the unexpected and emergent opportunities while building strong relationships, engaging people and delivering desired outcomes.


Maimu Molder

Networking, Creative Strategist

Maimu Molder has worked with older adults for many years, and holds a specialization in gerontology. She most recently worked for a company creating easy-to-use and easy-to-learn communication technology for the elderly. Maimu has over 30 years of experience as an organizer of programs, events, and activities at festivals, conferences, and trade/consumer shows; and in promotion through public relations, marketing, and social media.


Pam Hope

Advisor, CLIPP, CAPS, Rick Hansen Accessibility Certificate

Pam is in the accessible sector as a  rental home provider for active seniors with mobility challenges in the GTA. I’m also a wayfinding consultant for multi-tenant residential builds, with depth of knowledge in accessible wayfinding protocol.


John Groe

ADL Managing Partner, Accessibility Consultant, Speaker, Educator

John has over 20 years experience in accessibility. As Accessibility consultants & contractors he specialize in home, workplace & motor vehicle modification solutions that improve quality of life by creating barrier free living.