Wellness Track

A Woman in Green Dress Relaxing in Park, Wellness Designed Homes

We’re doing a deep dive in wellness for three reasons. Why? Firstly, because globally, 23% of all deaths could be prevented through healthier environments. Secondly, wellness is a 4.5 trillion dollar industry, with wellness real estate accounting for 134 billion dollars globally. Thirdly, so you have clear take-aways on the value of layering wellness onto your business services in order to stand apart. Did you know that designers can positively affect a person’s health? We’ve curated tracks that uncover the significance of neuro-aesthetics, design harmony, biophilia, Feng Shui, circadian rhythm, shades of green, sustainability and more. These targeted wellness tracks will give you the confidence to walk the wellness talk. NO wellness-washing going on here once you listen to our wellness experts!