Tech/Science Track

Livable Canada

Thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence, the smartest homes will be able to learn about their occupants, eventually anticipating their needs. Swedish research firm Berg Insight says 63 million American homes will qualify as “smart” by 2022, with everything from Internet-connected light bulbs to smart toilets that can perform a urinalysis then inform whether or not it’s detected diabetes. This smart toilet technology is currently underway in Japan. We are already familiar with the advances in technology that connect us virtually with the outside world, while keeping us safe, secure and healthy in our spaces. And YES, the ‘digital doctor will see you now” is a reality. This eye-opening track will fast pace you to what’s new in the connected home. Evidence based design means science isn’t taking a back seat to technology. We’re quickly learning the importance science plays in our environments too. From healthy homes to various therapies like chroma, sound, aroma, heat to color research, we know that the science of design is linked to improved physical and cognitive health. These tech and science tracks will fascinate you while enhancing your design thinking to support creative solutions for better environments. Dive into tech solutions and evidence based design to bring your skills to a new level.