Todd Brickhouse


Todd Brickhouse

President of Brickhouse Design Group, Ltd.

Beautiful Products to Keep you Functionally Independent

In our discussion, we will be reviewing various products for your home that are designed to provide you an accessible environment. These products, some very new, through their design and function can keep you independent. 

“My true interest is to design mindful explorations in perception to bring awareness and share beauty, calm and meaning in a messy world. Multi-sensory wellness is already the new luxury. Living in spaces that can take us back to our body experiences is really the door to our senses, intentional attention and authentical satisfaction.”


Todd Brickhouse is the Founder and President of Brickhouse Design Group, Ltd. For over 40 years, Brickhouse Design Group has designed, provided construction or construction management of accessibility modifications for thousands of satisfied clients. We offer a “turn-key” package to assist you in expediting your accessibility needs. From architectural drawings to interior design, we configure your space for mobility modifications using our team approach, facilitating better communication and cooperation between our clients, providers and project managers. Our goal is to assist you to live an independent, empowered life by selecting the right providers of mobility products and services to meet your individual accessibility needs. Our firm represents and works with several companies that provide mobility products and services, including portable ramp systems, ceiling lifts, vertical lifts, elevators, stair-lifts and other accessibility products. We work with architects and interior designers to assist in the functional needs of our clients who will be using the space being designed or constructed.