Shelly Rosenberg

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Shelly Rosenberg

Principal of Shelly Rosenberg Studio, TAID, Allied ASID

Integrating Diversity: the Power Designers Have

Shelly Rosenberg describes her multifaceted approach as DesignSentric™ and invites us to evolve our understanding of disability, past the logistics of physical barriers, to include our sensorial and physiological experiences of a space. By examining your projects through the lens of a human’s 7 basic senses, you’ll discover ways to secure your future by expanding your demographic reach, increase your sales and find deeper meaning in your work… all while gaining a more universal understanding of our power as designers to integrate diversity and elevate the quality of life for all of us.

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Accomplished thought leader on design for disability, Dallas, Texas designer Shelly Rosenberg brings over 20 years of experience and contributes to the national conversation on Universal Design and its impact on human health. She composes adaptive environments that foster mental, emotional and physical well-being and strives for collaborations that accelerate awareness, global health and social equity. While raising a young son living with Down Syndrome, Shelly has founded Acorn & Oak, a firm designing sensory-sensitive spaces for disabled children.