Shelly Rosenberg

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Shelly Rosenberg

Interior Designer - Universal Design Practitioner | TAID | Allied ASID | Founder of Acorn & Oak

The Home Smart Home Roundtable  

Have you ever stopped to consider how your living environment can enable or disable you? Now imagine having a chronic condition or physical disability that exaggerates those challenges. Alongside the essential mobility issues some homes present, lighting, acoustics, room and ceiling structure, ergonomics, and lack of modern technology can also play a massive role in how our environments support our well-being. In this short film, nine subjects with diverse diagnoses and symptoms explore how their homes and specific design scenarios have exacerbated their conditions. They also imaginer the perfect home for their disability, specifying how smart, livable design could facilitate more engaged, supported, and effortless lives.

Following the screening of Home Smart Home, director and founder of Unfixed Media, Kimberly Warner, Enabled Disabled founder and podcast host Gustavo Serafini, multiple sclerosis advocate Kyle Kranich, narcolepsy advocate Bethany Cook, and interior designer Shelly Rosenberg will join together to discuss the making of the film and their own experiences of how their homes enable and disable them.


Accomplished thought leader on design for disability, Dallas, Texas designer Shelly Rosenberg brings over 20 years of experience and contributes to the national conversation on Universal Design and its impact on human health. She composes adaptive environments that foster mental, emotional and physical well-being and strives for collaborations that accelerate awareness, global health and social equity. While raising a young son living with Down Syndrome, Shelly has founded Acorn & Oak, a firm designing sensory-sensitive spaces for disabled children.