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Ron Wickman

Owner of Ron Wickman Architect

The Accessible Home Entrance

In this presentation, architect, activist and author, Ron Wickman will introduce the human benefits, building challenges and construction techniques of the accessible (no-step) home entrance. Housing needs to be flexible enough to easily adapt to a family’s needs thus affording the family the choice to grow in the same home and the same community. Good housing is designed in the beginning to allow for easier future changes, additions and adaptations. Designing a dwelling with a no-step entrance benefits everyone and does not negatively affect anyone. The presentation will include an explanation of visitable and adaptable housing and how the no-step entrance is such a vital part of these concepts.


Ron Wickman was born in Edmonton, Alberta and in 1991 received his Master of Architecture at the Technical University of Nova Scotia. He set up his own Edmonton based practice in January 1995. Ron’s interest and expertise is in Accessible Architecture and design methods that accommodate the needs of individuals with disabilities; he also has a special interest in multi-family housing and urban and community planning. He is committed to providing affordable, accessible and adaptable housing and has won several housing competitions. He has also received 18 City of Edmonton Mayor’s Award for Accessible Architecture.