Patrick Rooney

patrick rooney

Patrick Rooney

Business Manager - Housing, Assembly Tools and Industrial Solutions

Universal Design and Living Well in Place: Housing Solutions by Panasonic

North America is in desperate need of more inclusive housing for those with accessibility needs and seniors wishing to thrive in their homes for years to come. Universally designed housing is needed to create innovative ways that eliminate barriers so people can continue to live well in place. Panasonic recognizes the need to provide solutions that are functional for all to be happy, safe and independent in their homes. With years of experience developing solutions for the aging Japanese market Panasonic is positioned as an expert in universal design innovations. In this session Panasonic will outline how the features of our storage and organization products and unique interior door features provide solutions for common problems for seniors and those with accessible needs. Please attend our session to learn how our solutions can adapt homes to meet an owner’s evolving accessibility needs.

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Patrick Rooney is a business manager for housing, assembly tools and industrial solutions at Panasonic Canada Inc. Patrick has been a member of the Panasonic teams for almost 4 years and plays a key roll in communicating all of Panasonic’s housing solutions to builders, developers, architects, designers and property managers. This entails finding ways that all of Panasonic’s products provide solutions for their projects and helps bring their vision to reality. Patrick’s main roll at Panasonic is in the marketing and operations field working on business development of products being launched in the North American market for the first time. Please stop by to learn about how Panasonic’s storage and organization and interior door products can be implemented in universal design and how these products can help the aging population live well in place.