Isaac Mulvihill


Isaac Mulvihill

Senior Vice President within Delos

Clean Air Matters to Your Home

Delos is a global wellness leader with a mission to enhance health and well-being in the spaces where we live, work, learn and play. In this presentation Delos’s head of labs Dr. Zhao and Isaac Mulvhill Senior Vice President of product development at Delos will be speaking about the importance of clean air in your home and why it matters. They will cover topics like; why air pollution is a critical public health concern and that indoor air quality can be 2-5 times worse than outside air, health impacts of home indoor air quality, why air particle size matter and what that means for our health, differences between common air purification technologies on the market, central HVAC filtration vs. Portable Air Purification and what you should consider when making a decision for air purification for your home.   


Isaac Mulvihill is a Senior Vice President within Delos, focusing on product development and strategic partnerships which underpin Delos commercial programs. Isaac leads the Delos air purification business line, working with numerous government and commercial Clients to deliver in-line and stand-alone air purification solutions.