Christina Mogk


Christina Mogk

BBA | WELL AP | LEED Green Associate | CLIPP | CID | is the Holistic Design Lead at mecc interiors inc.

The Top 3 Home Wellness Must-Haves

Designing homes that support the health and wellness of our clients should be automatic, not something we wait for them to request. There are many layers to a healthy home, some of which aren’t a fit for everyone. Focusing on three specific must-haves will have a profound effect on everyone. In reviewing each must-have, we’ll discuss five easy-fix design solutions for better home wellness every time.


An expert in sustainable and wellness home design, she’s an advocate for both living in place and eco- and health-friendly interiors that boost overall well-being and inspire happiness. 

The beauty is in the details—not just the physical aspects that are easily visible. A nature lover, Christina’s classic contemporary style favours a mix of natural materials, textures, and organic shapes. 

Her approach to design relies on creative solutions, fuelled by an imaginative drive and grounded nature, supported by circular, sustainable, and healthy materials. 

The result is interiors that encourage and support comfort, health, functionality, and longevity for multigenerational living.

Through her work, Christina is helping to shift the focus from “fast” to “slow” design that will last a lifetime.