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Thank You To Our Speakers

This event is possible with our speakers leading the way.

Brad McCannell

Case Study: Creating a Lifetime Home

Philippe Bernier

Case Study: Creating a Lifetime Home

Ann Sussman

Day 3 Panelist - Architecture, Interior Design + the 21st-Century Paradigm Shift: Designing for the Subliminal Brain

Jen Metcalfe

Day 2 Live Presentation: Barrier Free Bathrooms Accessible Design for the Built Environment

Michelle Guss

Wellness in the Home - a Technology Insight

Language of Aromas Documentary

Language of Aromas Documentary

The Garden of Secrets Documentary

The Garden of Secrets Documentary

Linda Kafka

Live Panel Discussion: Why and How to Market the Design Health Benefits You Provide!

Live Panel Talks Friday October 29th

Session 1: 9:00AM To 10:15AM

Architecture, Interior Design + the 21st-Century Paradigm Shift:

Designing for the Subliminal Brain

Moderator Mike Peterson

President, Founder, Visionary Design Marketing, Design Harmony, Speaker

Guest Speaker Ann Sussman

Author, Cognitive Architecture; Co-Editor, Urban Experience+Design, Instructor, Boston Architecture College, President, the Human Architecture & Planning Institute Inc, theHapi.org

Ann Sussman RA will talk about how new understandings in neuroscience and psychology transform our understanding of how design impacts us, both inside and out. The talk will review key biometric tools, including eye tracking, designers can now use to predict the human experience and improve outcomes.

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Session 2: 10:30AM To 11:45AM

Building Better Livable Environments Through Sensory Design: How Sensory Design Shapes our Perspective of the Lives we Live

Moderator Hoby Wedler

Scientist, Entrepreneur, Sensory Expert, and Designer

Panelist Lodovivo Minelli Sarteri

Experience Explorer,Creative Director of SENSORY DESIGN GmbH / Sensorydesign.com

Panelist Shane Bedard

Social Entrepreneur, Designer, Founder & CEO at Matter

Through interior design you can contribute greatly to your client’s health and wellbeing by creating mindful sensory experiences in order for them to enjoy beauty, calm and clarity in a messy world. Relevance and experiential wellness are key to also enhancing the reputation and perception of your brand. Join our panelists for an informative discussion around the importance and need for sensory design. Sensory design is a beautiful link between designer and consumer because it provides us with a way to fully understand design concepts and connect them with everyone who uses these designs in their day-to-day lives. Discover ways to incorporate sensory design into your projects and learn how sensory design can be a differentiator through the services you offer.

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Session 3: 12:00PM To 1:15PM

Healthy Home: A Global Discussion

Moderator Wanda Gozdz

Allied ASID, CAPS, CLIPP, CHAMP, President of Golden Age Living

Panelist Greg Veale

President of Altro Americas

Panelist Glen Stratton

Head of Construction Sales at Altro Americas

The world is on the brink of a demographic milestone due to our massive global aging population.  This remarkable occurrence is being driven by declines in fertility and improvements in longevity. In some countries, the sheer number of people entering older ages are already challenging the national infrastructures, particularly health systems, along with housing needs.  Although Canada has been addressing its aging population for some time, it is still in infancy in comparison to other countries.

Because of COVID, the importance of a “healthy home” is now taking a global place beside the aging in place movement.  Given that our homes determine up to 80-90% of our health outcomes,  it is only logical that they should also be an investment in our health and wellbeing.

Join us for a fireside chat with Greg Veale, President of Altro Americas, Glen Stratton, Head of Construction Sales at Altro Americas and moderated by Wanda Gozdz, ASID, Certified Aging in Place Trainer. Together they will share their lived/work experiences from Australia, United Kingdom and the United States. They will discuss what these respective countries did from both a public and private perspective and what they continue to do  address the aging in place sector and how it supports a healthy home.

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Session 4: 1:30PM To 2:45PM

What is the Butterfly Model of Dementia Care?

 Mary Connell

Project Manager for the Butterfly Model of Dementia Care and Dementia Advisor for the Region of Peel

The Butterfly Household Model of Care is based on the belief that for people experiencing dementia, feelings matter most, that emotional intelligence is the core competency for staff, and that people living with dementia can thrive well in a nurturing environment where those living and working together know how to “be” person centred together. The physical environment of a home is a critical component in supporting people living with dementia to live successfully for as long as possible. The physical space can also make the work environment more rewarding and less challenging for staff.

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Thank you to all of our speakers!