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Wanda Gozdz
Wanda Gozdz

Certified Aging in Place Specialist


Universal Design for All Lifestyles

COVID has impacted everyone’s life and has brought immediate attention to our living environment.  We see a radical shift in housing with millennials losing their jobs and moving back in with their parents or parents moving back in with their children and grandchildren.  There now might be three or four generations living under one roof where before there were only two older adults.  How do you assess and re-design the space that now has to accommodate  working caregivers; older parents who require assistance with their activities of daily living;  a college student who is studying remotely and enjoys playing a guitar and great grand-children that come to visit.   What is the secret that makes this home a livable environment that provides, security, safety, ease of use comfort and beauty?


Wanda Gozdz, CAPS, ASID.  After 30 years as a business owner in the information technology field specializing in organization, Wanda recognized the opportunity to apply her skills to another field when she downsized from a house and moved into a condominium. As a baby boomer herself, she realized that there would be millions of other retirees following the same steps who would benefit from her organizational and professional skills. Ms. Gozdz is a Residential Interior Designer, Instructor for the National Association of Home Builders, Certified Aging in Place Specialist, Subject Matter Expert in Universal Design and Aging in Place, LifeDocuments™ Organizer, and a Law Librarian. Wanda served on the Florida Board of Architecture and Interior Design (BOAID). She is a member and Master Instructor of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB),


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