Home Design is Looking Smarter

Convenience and aesthetics drive demand for connected homes.

July 8, 2021

Today’s discerning consumers expect the same modern, automated intelligence in their kitchens and baths that they are already using in other parts of their home to make their lives easier. Devices such as Google HomeTM and Amazon AlexaTM can find and read recipes, answer cooking questions and set cooking times with a simple voice command.

But on-demand convenience shouldn’t mean your clients have to sacrifice aesthetics. Intelligent functionality can coexist with stylish finishing touches, such as the elegantly designed switches, sensors and outlets for modern living from Square D™ by Schneider Electric.

Customizable to any kitchen or bath design, these smart-enabled electrical controls and outlets are available in a wide range of colors and texture. Screwless, flush wall plates complement materials in every interior, from brushed-nickel and bronze hardware to darker metal cabinetry or raw wood. The X Series and XD Series of dimmers, switches, and sensors are easily customizable to match any surrounding space, and connectivity offers your clients the convenience of automated lighting schedules and scenes, along with remote control of kitchen appliances and energy monitoring.

Stylish form meets intelligent functionality and energy efficiency.

The sleek, minimalist electrical controls from Square D can be controlled through voice assistants or remotely with your client’s mobile devices using the Wiser Home™ app.

This level of control and functionality is becoming increasingly popular and standard, especially in kitchens where homeowners rely on smart appliances to simplify their lives. At the same time, the devices add the finishing touches that can take beautiful spaces and elevate them to each customer’s unique tastes and preferences.

But connectivity extends beyond light switches and electrical outlets. Today’s modern homes are being powered by increasingly smarter energy management solutions, like the award-winning Square D Energy Center. This digital electrical panel is currently only available in California and integrates with Wiser Energy™ Home Power Monitor, which can help provide an additional layer of connectivity many designers may be looking to give their clients but are not sure how.

The Wiser Energy home monitor in your client’s electrical panel can alert them to how much energy their home is using at any given time. While your clients are away at work or out of town, they can see how much electricity their refrigerator or dishwasher is using, or how much energy is consumed by chargers for electric toothbrushes and razors in the bathroom.

Wiser Energy can also give the homeowner a bird’s eye view of their Square D electrical controls and settings, so they can adjust lighting schedules to reduce energy use at specific times of the day. Wiser Energy provides this real-time energy use information directly to your client’s preferred mobile devices via the Square D version of the Sense app. The app provides enhanced monitoring and control of all electrical devices across the home, down to the plug level (electrical outlets).

New advances in materials science enable the screwless wall plates and smart outlets of these Square D controls to be made with super-durable, matte-resin finishes that are fully flush to blend seamlessly with surrounding designs and can dress up any room with interchangeable covers that match throughout the interior of the house.

The Square D controls’ minimalist design means they are easy to install and swap out for each unique kitchen or bath space. This means you can easily update the look and feel of these switches and electrical receptacles (outlets/plugs) to match any changing designs without rewiring. The X Series color options include white, light almond, gray and black, and the XD Series includes white, brushed nickel, bronze and black.

These refined, stylish plates are available for:

• Switches and dimmers

• Sensors

• Receptacles

• Fan control

• Connected devices

• Data and networking

Wiring devices provide aesthetic options in open floor plans.

It’s a common conundrum for interior designers: how do you provide open kitchen and living area floor plans while still providing enough lighting controls and access to electrical outlets for all of your client’s modern conveniences? Too many switches and outlets can create the dreaded “wall acne” effect, with multiple controls ruining the beautiful aesthetic you worked so hard to create.

The Square D wiring devices can help alleviate this cumbersome problem. With the Square D “multi-gang” options, some of these devices can work as mix and match outlets and switches in up to five spaces, which offers more flexibility for electrically connected kitchen islands, counters and other frequently used shared spaces in open floor plans. Interior designers can also take advantage of devices that consolidate multiple functions into one, like the Square D multi-sensor device which combines a fan switch, humidity sensor, and occupancy sensor into one device.

The result? Your space is smart and connected, but your walls are smooth. Your trim is smooth. Because your cover plates can be smooth, too. With screwless wall plates, flush facing switches, and smart outlets, Square D wiring devices continue to raise the bar on aesthetics, ease of installation and connectivity. And your customers can more easily monitor their energy use in the home down to the plug and switch level.

To learn more about these new products visit se.com/us/wiringdevices.