Lodovico Minelli Sarteri

Lodovico Minelli

Lodovico Minelli Sarteri

Experience explorer, Creative Director of SENSORY DESIGN GmbH / Sensorydesign.com

Day 3 Live Panel Discussion: Building Better Livable Environments Through Sensory Design: How Sensory Design Shapes our Perspective of the Lives we Live

Through interior design you can contribute greatly to your client’s health and wellbeing by creating mindful sensory experiences in order for them to enjoy beauty, calm and clarity in a messy world. Relevance and experiential wellness are key to also enhancing the reputation and perception of your brand. Join our panelists for an informative discussion around the importance and need for sensory design. Sensory design is a beautiful link between designer and consumer because it provides us with a way to fully understand design concepts and connect them with everyone who uses these designs in their day-to-day lives. Discover ways to incorporate sensory design into your projects and learn how sensory design can be a differentiator through the services you offer.

“My true interest is to design mindful explorations in perception to bring awareness and share beauty, calm and meaning in a messy world. Multi-sensory wellness is already the new luxury. Living in spaces that can take us back to our body experiences is really the door to our senses, intentional attention and authentical satisfaction.”

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Lodovico Minelli Sarteri (b. 1980, Brixen) author and experience explorer writes about emotional identity and emotional intelligence. Sarteri is the founder of SENSORY DESIGN GmbH documenting activities at sensorydesign.com. Sarteri, who lives and works in the European Alpine region, has a career in creative direction bridging commercial branding, experiential design and curatorial activities. He has been a consultant for sound architectural and art market ventures. He served PR and marketing firms dealing with brands in several fields such as fashion, design, automotive. In 2018, blending his experiential creative direction skills and consultancy expertise, he co-founded SENSORY DESIGN GmbH, a science and technology firm with purpose that designs multi-sensory experiences to extend mindful relevance of brands, products and places. The Venture is today one of the assets of the leading wealth and financial Kaiser Partner Group with offices in Vaduz, Zurich, Bozen and Milan.