Katie Tucker

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Katie Tucker

Trade Advisor- Health and Life Sciences at The Trade Council of Denmark

Day 2 Live Presentation: The Danish Approach: How its Classic Design Principles Translate into Innovative Eldercare Solutions

Danish design is known the world over. Simplicity, functionality, and elegance are fundamental aspects of Danish design—traditionally in the context of furniture and architecture. Nature is often part of the inspiration, and sustainability is key. Denmark is also well regarded for its healthcare system and dedication to welfare technology, which has lead them to become an international benchmark for eldercare. But, are these parallels coincidence? During a one-hour live panel discussion, we will explore how basic principles of Danish design influence the process (and outcomes) of healthcare innovation in Denmark. We will specifically focus on the eldercare sector as a way to exemplify these concepts, highlighting solutions that distinguish Denmark in its approach to meeting social and medical challenges.


I am energized by creative, inter-disciplinary action toward health innovation. Focusing on person-centred healthcare initiatives, I aim to advocate for vulnerable patient populations (e.g. people with dementia) and to liaise with various stakeholders to facilitate sustainable change.

A keen collaborator with the ability to learn fast, synthesize information, and communicate effectively, I’m seeking my next opportunity to make a tangible contribution. Have any ideas you’d like to share? I’m always open to connect!