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Todd Brickhouse
Todd Brickhouse


Accessible Residential Design

Our presentation is an outline for persons who are new to the industry, for persons already working in the field and for individuals who are looking to learn more about what questions to ask when having a design completed for them or a family member.  From the many years of working with persons with disabilities, we have developed a Process on what we ask and how we view each environmental design.

So many people we have met, although they have lived with their physical challenges and may use a mobility device to assist them, don’t know how to go about redesigning their home or business to make it more functional to meet their needs. That is hopefully where we come in.  After setting an appointment with our new client, we have already discussed what they are looking to do. So our team works to find images or brochures from similar projects to bring with us. This will help make clearer what they want or identify what direction the design is going. This saves time and assist the client as well as us what they are trying to accomplish.  Many people ask how we get our referrals ? They come from a variety of sources,  they can be private referrals, clinicians, case managers as well as State or Federal Agencies who provide funding for our services.  For additional information please visit our web site to see all our monthly newsletters  or to view  our semi-annual magazine, Designs 4 Living.


For over 38 years, Todd Brickhouse of Brickhouse Design Group has designed, provided construction or construction management of accessibility modifications for thousands of satisfied clients. In 1982, I met another young man who owned a DME company and wanted to show products in a house that he just bought next to his store. After meeting a few times we came up with the idea of a Model home that would display DME, ADL and Lift products in a Home redesigned with the latest accessibility features. For 11 years I provided the tours throughout the house so people could learn more. Hygeia’s Accessibility House became the first home of its kind anywhere in the Country. Then as now Brickhouse Design Group, Ltd offers a “turn-key” package to assist you in expediting your accessibility needs. From architectural drawings to interior design, we configure your space for mobility modifications using our team approach, facilitating better communication and cooperation between our clients, providers and project managers. Our goal is to assist people to live an independent, empowered life by selecting the right providers of mobility products and services to meet their individual accessibility needs.


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