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Suchi Reddy
Suchi Reddy

Architect, Design Research and Neuroaesthetics

The Convergence of Science, Design and Architecture


Suchi Reddy brings extensive experience in large-scale cultural, educational, healthcare, retail, commercial, and residential projects to the award-winning practice. She founded Reddymade in 2002 with a human-centric approach to design, dedicated to celebrating diversity and equality, as well as addressing the economic, social, environmental and cultural impacts of her work on both the user and the planet.

Reddy is a member of the Van Alen Institute Leadership Council and sits on the board of the Design Trust for Public Space and Storefront for Art and Architecture. She was appointed the Plym Distinguished Professor at the University of Illinois School of Architecture, Champaign–Urbana for the Fall 2019 semester. Reddy has presented and lectured on the firm’s work at numerous venues including The Salk Institute for the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture’s 2018 conference, University of Illinois, and University of Wisconsin. 


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