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Sarah Morgan and Jorden Lefler

Sarah Morgan – CEO, Nano-Lit Technologies

Jorden Lefler, Sustainability Expert



The Importance of Circadian Rhythm Management

This discussion will review the importance of circadian rhythm in the human psyche. The proper exposure and management of your circadian rhythm by properly designed artificial lighting or going outside has both psychological and biological improvement. This presentation will discuss the impacts of improper circadian rhythm management and the potential negative impacts and earlier onset of mental conditions.


Sarah Morgan – CEO, Nano-Lit Technologies

Founder & CEO of Nano-Lit Technologies, the first company globally to manufacture and sell Quantum Dot lighting systems embedded with evidence based circadian rhythm lighting recipes. An industrial designer and entrepreneur, Sarah’s background spans Fashion, Music, and a Masters Thesis in lighting and biomimicry. She worked on quantum dot technologies for aerospace and automotive applications for AkzoNobel and Mercedes.

Jorden Lefler, Sustainability expert has over 18 years of experience in the Architecture, Project Management, Sustainability, and Lighting Industries. Jorden’s experience spans across healthcare, long-term care, among other sectors. Jorden’s longstanding passion for innovation and sustainability has made him a leader in the lighting, design, and construction industry.


Jorden Lefler
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