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Shawna Meshwork
Shawna Meshwork

VP Sales, The Meshworks

LED and Decorative Layered Lighting: Trends of the Future

In the ever changing technology of Lighting, we will present the newest sustainable elements of the integrated LED module, accessibilities, energy savings, safety features, low impact on the environment and fabulous functionality. The endless applications of flexible design options for decorative ambient, practical and task lighting for everywhere that we want to lay our heads down to rest from Residential Design to Multi Residential Design/common corridors and Hospitality. 

“I believe that Lighting should be one of the first design elements to be determined in a space, as your illumination sets the mood and will bring your space to life! Using the right layering and LED technology – ambient, accent and task, you can achieve an overall effect of increased serotonin for all who are present.”
Shawna Meshwork

Shawna Meshwork is the Vice President of sales for the Meshwork Lighting Agency. Her family has been in the Lighting business as a Manufacturer and following as an Agency for three generations.  Since joining the lighting agency in 2014, Shawna has built an extensive customer base of retailers and electrical distributors across Ontario.  In building her business, at the core, it has always been important to help her customers build their businesses.  Shawna notes the importance of being available to customers for sales support, cold calls, networking, collaboration with Designers and Architects, product knowledge sessions, providing tools for success and social media engagement.

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