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Shamanna Kelamangalam
Shamanna Kelamangalam

Director- Architectural Sales & Technical Support Holten Impex

The Perfect Rebuild: Your Living Space, Your Workspace, Your Environment 

The pandemic has devastated human lives, economies and the environment.
The virus has infected millions and thousands have died.
The arrival of the vaccines has not only helped save lives but also has
brought hopes of returning to normalcy. “Green Recovery” and “ Build Back
better” are the new buzzwords sounding in all levels of the governments.
Billions of dollars are being allocated to restart the economy. This is the right
opportunity to redesign the workspace, living space and care for the

Redesigning using various design concepts like Accessible design/ Universal.
Design and sustainable design will not only help build green but also
accessible to everyone.

The presentation opens up briefly to explain efforts put in by the disability
community in having standards enacted like the ADA and CSA. These
standards when applied will not only ease in providing access to various
spaces but will also make them inclusive. The presentation details how
spaces can be rebuilt using the concepts of Universal Design and
incorporating the standards set by CSA and AODA to be safe, healthy and
functional. The presentation validates the use of ceramics in these spaces for
their functionalities, ability to provide safety and aid in building a healthy
and sustainable environment.


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