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Sandra Scott
Sandra Scott

Founder and President

Education Track: Business

Aging Has Changed, So Should Your Marketing Strategies

In this thirty minute informative session we discuss the new aging consumer and the impact and power they have,  yet your marketing strategies are missing the mark. This session will provide an overview of trends in the senior living and healthcare industries focusing on key aspects of marketing. Topics covered include understanding your customer and the development of consumer personas as it relates to the creation of content marketing for effective marketing plans.

Sandra Scott, founder of Scott Marketing and Consulting Group,  is no stranger to hard work, marketing success, and helping her clients take their marketing campaigns to new heights. A former VPSM for three primary market Life Plan/Continuing Care Retirement Communities, Sandra was responsible for generating over $52 million in annual sales and successfully marketed a $42 million expansion two years prior to opening, which resulted in 92% presales. Her strategic approach is always focused, helping businesses of all sizes execute successful marketing campaigns. As a 20-year marketing and sales veteran, Sandra has the unique ability to relate to and inspire marketing professionals. She is an inspiring coach who trains entrepreneurs and owner-operators, Vice Presidents of Operations, and Marketing Directors how to market effectively through a strategic, hospitality-based approach to marketing and business development. Sandra excels at instilling strategies that boost marketing growth and brand awareness. An innovative, forward-thinking marketing strategist, her belief is that every marketing dollar spent must be traced to the resulting ROI. Sandra focuses on the process which in turn yields measurable results. Sandra embraces a “big picture” approach, studying market trends and company data, industry conditions, and competitor stats to help her clients understand what to expect. Her goal is to build a strong foundation of strategic marketing innovation that her clients can build upon year after year – knowing that the transformation process of understanding your customer is never truly over. Sandra has spoken at sessions for LeadingAge Texas and the LeadingAge National Association, is a frequent contributor to educational sessions for the Residential Assisted Living National Association, and an editorial contributor to the Texas Academy of Family Physicians Magazine.

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