Meet Our Speaker

Samantha Proulx
Samantha Proulx

Principal, ABE Factors Inc. (Accessible Built Environment Factors)
Lead Technical Accessibility Specialist 

Accessible Home Design: A Quick Technical Perspective 

It is apparent that the Building Code lacks technical accessibility design guidance when it comes to building single dwellings or smaller residential homes such as town homes. However, that is not to say the design requirements applicable to accessible dwelling units can’t be applied to smaller projects voluntarily. In this short session, Samantha will take you through some key technical residential design features that can be applied to smaller family dwellings and set you on the path for re-thinking residential design.  Out with the old, In with the functional. 

Samantha Proulx, C.E.T., RHFAC, Principal at ABE Factors Inc., is a Leading Technical Accessibility Specialist and Inter-Provincially Trained Building Code Consultant with almost a decade of experience in educating and working alongside design industry professionals on creating and maintaining inclusive, functional and compliant spaces that can be entered, experienced, and exited safely by everyone.  Samantha is recognised as an expert in her field and specializes in Codes, Standards, Regulations, and governing Legislation pertaining to accessibility and barrier-free design and has an extensive skill set in teaching and applying Part 3 Fire and Life Safety of the Building Code. Ms. Proulx was one of the very first individuals to obtain her Professional Accessibility Assessor designation through the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification (RHFAC) Training Program, is an instructor of the RHFAC Program at SAIT, sits on numerous technical accessibility committees at a National level, has been retained as a leading expert on slips, trips, and fall litigations, and she strongly believes that together we can empower people through the built environment to maximize human performance. 


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