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Ryan Herd
Ryan Herd

Founder & CEO Caregiver Smart Solutions

Panel Presentation:
Smart Technology to Live in Place

Smart technology continues to advance and provide many options to help support older adults as they live in place. This presentation discusses recent smart technologies available on the market for various uses and their application to living in place. A discussion of how the different devices support older adults, preferences of older adults, ethics, and considerations to improve the adoption process will occur.


With 30 years of experience in the Smart Home Industry Ryan Herd is known as “The Smart Guy” Renowned & Award-Winning Ryan Herd offers insight into Smart home technology, the Internet of things (IOT), and the significance of technology in the home today. Ryan is also the author of Join the Smart Home Revolution Amazon’s #1 best-selling Smart Home Book. Now Ryan is the founder of Caregiver Smart Solutions, an easy way to monitor your loved one as they age in place.

No cameras, No intrusion, Just incredible insight!


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