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Rebecca Hay
Rebecca Hay

Owner & Creative Director at Rebecca Hay Designs, Podcast Host, Business Coach & Speaker

Grow Your Business Through Wellness

Have you considered how the items in your home may be affecting your health? In this health conscious world everyone is focused on the foods they consume and how it affects their body. However, few people are talking about what they’re putting into their homes and how it affects the air that we breathe and the surfaces we touch. We all deserve to live in a home that promotes wellness. As a design professional, it’s easy to make a room pretty. But what sets you apart from your competition? What is your unique value offering? One way to set yourself apart as a designer is by caring for your clients on a deeper level. Demonstrate the value you bring to clients by bringing products into their homes that promote wellness. In this talk, Rebecca will share her passion for sustainability and the ways in which we can all be healthier in our design choices while at the same time increasing our sales and the profile of our business.

Rebecca Hay is the owner & creative director of Rebecca Hay Designs, a Toronto based Design firm specializing in livable family homes. With a commitment to the environment, Rebecca and her team are mindful in their design choices and strive to be as sustainable as possible. Their work has been showcased in the pages of some of the country’s top design and lifestyle magazines. Rebecca is a regular columnist for several GTA publications and is known and celebrated for her commitment to building a stronger design community. She hosts Designer Meet-Ups every month across the GTA, is an active YouTuber and you can follow her daily design adventures on INSTAGRAM.


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