Meet Our Speaker

Rasheed Sulaman
Rasheed Sulaman

Senior Program Officer at Health Canada 

Chemicals in Our Home

Throughout our lives, we are exposed to chemicals and pollutants – in our air, food, and water. There are chemicals in everyday products we use at work, at home, and at play. While some chemicals may be beneficial to our health, others may pose a health risk if they’re not handled properly. In this presentation, Health Canada will provide ten simple steps you can take to help protect you and those you care to support a healthy home.

“White chemical substances provide benefits, they may also have harmful effects on human health and the environment. Health Canada’s Healthy Home campaign provides simple steps to make your home safer, especially for people who may be more vulnerable to chemicals and pollutants” Radsheed Sulman

Rasheed Sulaman is a Risk Communication and Public Involvement Officer for Health Canada in Ontario. Rasheed engages the public on environmental health issues, specifically, under the Chemicals Management Plan (CMP), a Government of Canada initiative aimed at reducing the risks posed by chemicals to people and their environment. He is passionate about outreach and providing awareness on chemical risk management. Prior to his current role, he worked with Service Canada for 10 years delivering services and guidance on programs to the public.


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