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Randall Whitehead
Randall Whitehead

Founder & Creative Director 

Randall’s Lighting Fashion Forecast for Kitchens and Baths

In this presentation I will be discussing how to use LEDs successfully. Getting participants familiar with the terms- lumens, color temperature and color rendering index (CRI).  I am choosing these two areas of the home because this is where people are willing to spend their money and will get the greatest return on their investment.  Yes, LEDs are energy efficient and environmentally friendly, but you have to be knowledgeable enough to understand what to buy, whether it is fixtures or light bulbs.


Randall Whitehead is The Lighting Doctor. He is not only a prolific author, but an enlightening and humorous speaker on the world of design as well. His work has appeared in Architectural Digest, Art & Antiques, LUXE, House Beautiful, Esquire, Better Homes & Gardens and many more.

Randall has been a guest expert on the Discovery Channel, CNN, HGTV and Martha Stewart Living Radio. He also writes a monthly blog called “The Lighting Doctor” for Furniture Lighting and Decor Magazine, along with videos on lighting solutions.

Randall has written 7 books on the subject, He is currently co-writing a new book entitled Beautiful Light which is due out in August 2021.

Blog + Videos: IG: @randall.whitehead  Twitter: @RandallLighting


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