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Panel Session 3
Panel Session 3

October 30
11:30am – 12:30pm
Moderated by Vivian Lo

Putting a Healthcare Design Lens on Planning, Designing, and Building Residential Projects

Due to changes in nature of economic forces, advanced technology and people’s lifestyle, the healthcare landscape is no longer as monolithic as before. The boundary of healthcare delivery is expanding and becoming blurred in society since the millennium. Visiting, staying, and receiving treatments in healthcare facilities are no longer the only options for people to cope with illness – aging at home and home care are some of the popular trends.

This issue was further amplified this year when the whole world was deeply affected by a global pandemic. For the past months we have been spending a considerable time at home as we:

  • Attempt to protect ourselves and our families from getting infected and seek ways to reduce the spread of disease (COVID-19)
  • Work, school and socialize at home
  • Live and deal with different generations of people at home
  • Conduct recreational activities (e.g. shopping, exercises, entertainment) at home

This panel discussion will give a brief overview on the basic design principles used in healthcare facilities design. It does not matter the project scale and type – ranging from adding a barrier-free walkway or ramp to upgrading a washroom or HVAC system or renovating a house and so on, some of these design principles are also applicable in planning, designing, and building residential projects to create an adaptable, comfortable, safer and healthier home for people regardless of age, ability, size or income.

This session qualifies for 1hr CEU or 1 ConEd Structured Learning Credit

Vivian Lo

M.Arch., Hon.B.Sc., MRAIC, IDC, AIC, CAPS Technical Specialist, MLTC
Director & Special Projects Editor, The Right Angle Journal, VP Colour
Research Society of Canada

Michele Cohen

Principal, Health Science Studio
NORR Architects and Engineers

Aaron Miller

Founder and Co-Owner
Hummingbird Hill Homes & Construction, A Passive House & WELLAP
Certified Construction Firm


Roz Kavander

Color Design and Trend Consultant, ColorZest Trainer, Roz Morgan Design

Marnie Courage

Marnie Courage

O.T. Reg. (MB)
CEO and Inclusion Specialist
Enabling Access Inc.

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