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Nicole Noworyta
Nicole Noworyta

Founder & Creative Director Avant-Garde Agency Inc.

The Future of Business Networking: Spotlight and Tutorial on Clubhouse

If you want to leverage your network… with only the sound of your voice and your expertise, you need to be on the new audio only social platform called ClubHouse!  While other platforms focus on visual and written media (such as captions, images, and videos), Clubhouse shifts the focus to an audio-only format.

If you needed ANY evidence that you should be taking Clubhouse seriously, you’d find a number of influencers and media such as Elon Musk, Business of Home and Grant Cardone having frequent conversations on the platform. The app also appeals to those who are visually impaired. The first blind chemical Engineer in America, Noel Romey uses the app.

 Clubhouse allows you to listen to, and contribute in live audio sessions. All without having to show your face – so you can join in on conversations and make connections without getting dressed up, putting makeup on, or even leaving your bed.

 The organic reach on the app is massive. You can expand your network. Meet new clients and friends. The potential is truly limitless! If you do it correctly.


A 30 minute, Step By Step Instructional Course Tutorials

  • Overview of Clubhouse
  • Benefits of using ClubHouse /navigating voice rooms for interior designers and architects
  • How to create a compelling ClubHouse profile and bio
  • How to grow your following and reach more people on ClubHouse
  • How to search for people, interests and clubs
  • Conversion Techniques on ClubHouse- finding and speaking with your ideal clients.
  • Building Strategic relationships on ClubHouse
  • Channeling your traffic from ClubHouse to other social media platforms or your website. Getting eyes onto your website and portfolio.
  • Bonus – Creating a great impression on your social media feed.

Your Teacher
Nicole Noworyta, Hon.B.Sc, is a trendsetter and trailblazer as the Founder of Avant-Garde Agency Inc.


Nicole brands through their marketing boundaries in the Interior Design and Architectural Industry. A born leader, Nicole cultivates community growth as a regular room host on ClubHouse (and Instagram) for interior designers, builders, and architects alike.   Living a daily full-circle moment and a childhood dream come true, she now manages social accounts of well-known HGTV designers she grew up watching in admiration. With years of experience in the Toronto design industry in varying marketing roles, including social media management for Homes Publishing Group, Nicole has a well-rounded skill set and an unparalleled drive that sets Avant-Garde apart from the rest. She has a passion for social justice and gender-related issues. Nicole is an advocate for women and millennials. She supports growth toward self-sufficiency and firmly believes in helping one another rise in and outside of professionalism.





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