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Natalia Pierce
Natalia Pierce


Kitchen Wellness: Understanding Longevity, Usability and Wellness Elements

Most designers can put together a great kitchen design but have the longevity, usability, and wellness elements of the space been considered? In this short 30 minute presentation, we talk about some of the key elements that can optimize the kitchen for all life stages and promote wellness in the home. Understanding some of the important benefits of wellness elements can shift an ordinary project into the extraordinary.


Natalia Pierce WELL AP, AKBD, CLIPP is a kitchen and bath design specialist. She began her career taking classes towards an Architectural Technologist diploma and quickly realized her passion fell in between the technical and decorative side of design. It was her attention to detail and understanding of the structural and mechanical elements that made kitchen and bath design the ultimate fit.

She believes that education unlocks unlimited doors and is constantly expanding her knowledge and understanding of the key elements of great design. With her ongoing concentration in wellness and lighting design she offers progressive solutions to each project and recently earned her WELL AP certification.

Throughout her 15 year career she has been an instrumental member of her local NKBA Chapter, NKBA National Board of Directors and Chapter Leadership Committee and is currently an Ambassador for the Living In Place Institute believing in always giving back to her community. Natalia’s focus on teaching and sharing comes out in her books and presentations. She began writing, Inside Renovations, to help prepare clients for what was about to happen to their home and their lives. Renovations are temporary but can leave a lasting impact both positive or negative depending on the preparation.  Her books are designed to bring clients closer to a positive experience. Inside Renovations is in process of being published and her current project, Wellness in Design, is a work in progress and will be available sometime later this year and is sure to open up many discussions of scientific support and the impact of design on our homes and environments. Prefer to listen rather than read? You can check out her Podcast – Renovation Secrets on all major podcast platforms.

Natalia currently resides in rural Ottawa, ON with her 3 year old Rottweiler Bane.



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