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Mitchell Moshenberg
Mitchell Moshenberg

Home Modifications Expert
MJM Consulting & Project Management Ltd./Owner

Accessibility Modifications: Retrofit vs. New Construction

Attendees will learn how to better understand the person with a disability, their families and their caregivers.  The talk will touch on how I assess the functional abilities of a person using my knowledge of the various medical conditions and injuries that can affect someone’s ability to partake in normal daily activities without aids or assistance from others.

Learn about how I assess a home that requires modifications to meet the needs of the person with a disability and the pros and cons of an accessibility modification project compared to constructing a “purpose-built home.”

Understand what levels of accessibility are achievable in a retrofit scenario and how the various modifications will impact the person, family, and caregivers. Attendees will also learn more about the benefits (and detriments) of constructing a purpose-built home for a person who needs one and the importance of having an OT and/or PSW on your team.


Mitchell Moshenberg: I am the founder of MJM Consulting & Project Management Ltd. I work primarily for personal injury lawyers, medical malpractice lawyers, Insurance Companies & Consumers. I assess and modify/construct homes for people with disabilities. I provide Assessment, Consulting & Construction Services focused on returning the person with an acquired disability to their homes and ensuring the claimant obtains fair compensation for their losses.


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