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Lone Feifer
Lone Feifer

Director Sustainability & Architecture, the VELUX Group; Secretary General for the Active House Alliance.

Nature Based Building Solutions – by Design

Our homes play a vital role for our mental and physical health. How we design and operate our homes supports our well-being in and outside of the home itself. Even chronic diseases and allergies can be alleviated through a healthy indoor climate, enabling an optimal indoor climate is an essential aspect of house design. Too often, the user aspect is not considered for flexibility, changes over time, ageing in your own place, and to offer opportunities for co-living with a sense of feeling at home. People centred design is key to any new build or renovation project. Also, our homes, and how they frame our lifestyles, must be designed, delivered, and maintained in harmony with planetary boundaries. The footprint of a home should adhere to best practice account for the total service life of a building – including emissions and consumption impact, optimally prolonging the life of a building. The better design, the longer life, as such making the home sustainable.
This talk will share experiences from full scale living labs, from anthropological studies of test families, and make recommendations for basic design parameters for a healthy home.

“We spend 65% of our time at home; let´s design this to be the best for people and the planet”  Lone Feifer

Lone Feifer is the Director Sustainability & Architecture, the VELUX Group; Secretary General for the Active House Alliance. Active speaker and mentor on sustainability, design and innovation. Board member of the Royal Danish Academy for Architecture, Design and Conservation and in the Danish Architects Association.

Master of architecture degree from the Royal Academy, School of Architecture in Copenhagen 1993; postgraduate Master in Energy & Green Architecture from Aarhus School of Architecture and Tshinghua University 2011.

Long-term experience on innovation and sustainability within the building sector, engages in sustainable construction on strategic and operational levels, with a hallmark of user focus, and a holistic approach to buildings.


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