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Jim Closs, Principal Live Easy Inc

Day 2:
Why do I need to Specify an Evacuation Chair?

For a multitude of reasons, it is not only best practices, but it is strongly encouraged through multiple National and Accessibility codes. In each case, the responsibility of evacuation lies with the owners and management of the building as well as the occupants of the building to be able to evacuate safely. If you have anybody on your premises with mobility impairment you need to consider your overall safety plans to ensure they are able to exit the building when all other systems, namely your elevators are shut down.

You have made your property accessible to those with mobility impairment, you are required to review evacuating those people safely in the event of an emergency.

We will review some legislation and best practices around the usage of evacuation equipment as it pertains to the mobility impaired as well as GEEP and PEEP (General and Personal Emergency Evacuation plans)


Live Easy INC has partnered with the Bay Area Health Trust to form a boutique distribution company that will focus on companies that aim to make aging in place safe and comfortable. The combination of BAHT resources with Live Easy’s  experience and connections will serve an attractive model to small innovative start-ups who wish to penetrate the Canadian market or scale beyond their current sales.

Our Mission is to deliver usable, effective services to the accessibility and Age in place sectors.

Our Current product offerings are Safety-Chair (Evacuation devices for persons with limited mobility), as well as Assistep, the Stairwalker and Gripo Safety Poles.


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