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 Thank you for choosing to attend this event and be part of a global trade community that is influencing change in the residential built environment.

I First started talking to residential trade professionals about aging in place in early 2013, when I discovered a few heading to the US to become CAPS certified by the National Association of Home Builders. It was then when I reached out to Master Trainer, Wanda Gozdz, and brought her to Toronto, Canada to hold training, while I created several educations trade events. Unknown to us we were organically building a community that later become known at the living in place network. Out of many came the idea of creating the LivABLE Environment Conference.  Today, I am proud to be part of a growing interest to improve our residential spaces for livability, accessibility and wellness in the home. I want to thank all of you for being influencers and leading change! 

“I firmly believe that the homes we live in have an impact on our physical and mental health. When designed properly our spaces will adapt to us over a lifespan and support our families. It’s essential that we start designing our spaces from a functional perspective and not merely from an aesthetic one. That way we can
truly live well and in place for a lifetime.”
– Linda Kafka, CLIPP, CAPS

Linda Kafka: Since 2006, Linda has been a valuable and trusted resource for the residential interior design industry. She is an advocate for Inclusive Design (also known as Universal Design) and is one of Canada’s leading experts on living in place and wellness in the home. As a Certified Living in Place Professional (CLIPP) and a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), Linda offers an unparalleled understanding for creating “forever” homes for clients of all ages. Her passion is to support, educate and train those about the importance of creating beautiful and safe spaces that are tailored towards inclusion, accessibility and wellness.
Linda has been active within the North American/Canadian design community for over 10 years. She is a member of the Toronto Society of Architects, the Design and Decorators’ Association of Canada, the National Kitchen and Bath Association and works frequently with BILD, ARIDO and IDC. She also participates in and attends industry conferences and trade shows across Canada and the US.
As the founder of the Living in Place Network, an international community of professionals focus on living and aging in place, Linda is the driving force behind the LivABLE Environment Conference, an annual trade event designed to both inspire and educate design professionals. She is also the host of the LivABLE By Design podcast where she interviews global industry leaders from the built environment who share their insights and expertise with listeners. And as Director of Trade Relations for Caplan’s Appliances (a leading retailer in Toronto), she works directly with trade professionals and their clients to support their inclusive design projects.
For Linda, her mission is simple: to advocate that every home be designed for a lifespan, so our spaces adapt to our changing needs regardless of age, income, size or ability.

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International Interior Designer, Feng Shui Expert, Color Specialist, Keynote Speaker, Founder & Principal, Fawn Chang

Co-Host LivABLE
Environment Conference 

Fawn Chang, International Interior Designer, Feng Shui Expert, Color Marketing Expert, Keynote Speaker, Teacher, Author, Designer, Coach and Consultant.  She has been helping thousands SHIFT lives with design for over 30 years showing how design allows people to better communicate, thrive in all aspects of their lives and experience life as nature intended: simple, regenerative, healthy, and full of joy.

Internationally renowned for sharing science-backed, body-centered design skills and color wisdom to audiences around the world, Fawn identifies the human body’s response to the color, light and the design and the influence spaces have on different personalities and purposes.  Moreover, with delightful humor, Fawn connects the dots and delivers practical, actionable design strategies, tips and tricks to improve interpersonal relationships, health, well-being, communication, leadership, teams, productivity, immunity and longevity.

Fawn’s groundbreaking and engaging virtual and live keynotes, HSW CEU presentations, workshops and online courses teach individuals and professionals how to succeed in business and life by understanding the hidden dynamics of how spaces and their setup/designs influence people and their behavior – and which shifts to make and how to make them to thrive.

Her book, The Gentle SHIFT, will be released in the first part of 2021.

Get the study and the How to Guide.  Fawn participated in a multi-state study with PPG/Campos/Rand Corporation to learn how color might impact student and teacher engagement, with stunning results

Her designs break the barrier, uplifting and increasing health, wealth, happiness and success.  Fawn  consults with individuals, design professionals, businesses, realtors and anyone who wishes deliver what the body needs from design in order to thrive.


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