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Lara Pinchbeck
Lara Pinchbeck

MA (Material Culture), BEDS (Architecture), BA, PHEc, RHFAC, PM

How Do We Measure Success When We Create An Accessible Place?

As designers we are all aware of Universal Design principles and goals that Ronald Mace encouraged us to integrate into our work.

As users with disabilities we continue to be frustrated because we still experience so many gaps in our environment because our places, streets, buildings, and communities are not completely or truly inclusive

This session will explore various approaches to measure if we got the design right. These are from researchers who have tested various models and methods of how to evaluate Universal Design.

Lara PinchbeckMA (Material Culture), BEDS (Architecture), BA, PHEc, RHFAC, PM.With a background in architecture, public engagement, user experience and human ecology, Lara Pinchbeck is an industry expert whose work makes everyday experiences more functional, comfortable and enjoyable for more people, particularly those with disabilities. When collaborating with design professionals, she guides the process to create social and physical environments that include, rather then exclude, people. With over 20 years experience working with marginalized people, Lara excels in her approach to understanding the lived experience of a diversity of users through a multi-method research program that includes published evidence, recorded observations and personal accounts.


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