Meet Our Speaker

LaDonna Ericksen
LaDonna Ericksen

BS, MS, CLIPP, LIPA, HATS, Principal of Interiors by Design 

Louie Delaware

Co-Founder Living in Place Institute, Tour Moderator

Day 2: Live Home Tour
Welcome to My Living in Place Home

As a designer and certified Living in Place professional, there are no words to express how easy it is to live in a home that allows its occupants to feel relaxed knowing that you can move without restrictions. No stairs to deal with in daily activities. Less worry about possible falls on stairs and uneven surfaces. Lighting, HVAC, music all controlled by voice or from our mobile phone. A dream come true in our forever home.

Join me as I take you on a tour of my forever home, where I show you the various elements that support living in place in order to keep me, my family and visitors safe, healthy and comfortable.



LaDonna has been involved with design and construction since 1985. Her CLIPP designation set her on a new path to support her interests to design a home with living in place concepts.  She has worked in many homes creating comfortable environments for their inhabitants. She is especially proud of her work in the area of creating beautiful kitchens that are also safe and functional. The design, development and construction of their forever living in place home is her greatest achievement in her field to this point. Mike, her husband, worked for HDR for over 44 years as a lead designer coordinating multidiscipline commercial projects. They worked together on the design of their forever home and it is their hope, that from this first home built based on the Living in Place concepts it will lead a movement in the residential construction industry to build all homes
Safe–Healthy–Comfortable for everyone.


Louie is passionate about helping people make their homes as safe as possible. His knack for being able to describe home safety issues in easy-to-understand terms comes after 22 years in the field of advanced research and development for medical and analytical devices. He has been awarded many different patents and received the prestigious international R&D 100 award for Advanced Technologies. In 2004, he founded US Safety Pros, LLC, which specializes in childproofing, radon testing and mitigation, home accessibility and many other home safety services.

A licensed general contractor, Louie has childproofed more than 3,000 homes and helped countless others mitigate radon, improve family safety, and makes homes easier to negotiate and use for older adults and physically challenged individuals. A father of two children, Louie has first-hand experience when it comes to what works (and what doesn’t) in home safety. He also has older parents who have lived in the same home for nearly 60 years.

Louie is a sought after safety expert for TV news and radio programs, along with many newspapers (including USA Today®), where he is known as The Home Safety Guru®. Louie lives outside of picturesque Boulder, Colorado with his wife, two kids and their lightning-fast whippet racing dogs.

Louie holds the following certifications: Certified Living in Place Specialist™ (CLIPS), Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer® (ACPC), Radon Mitigation, Certified Aging in Place Specialist® (CAPS) and National Program for Playground Safety.




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