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Kelli Ellis
Kelli Ellis
Interior Designer, Influencer, Speaker, TV Host, Author
Ronati, VP Global Industry Relations

Your Happy Place: Creating Successful Spaces

You notice I didn’t say homes? Since I’ve moved to a more urban lifestyle here in Barcelona, I have learned the importance of creating functional spaces of all sizes. I’m bringing the principles I teach in my design psychology coaching program to designers and architects, internationally. It’s important to me that designers of studio apartments to masia’s, (mansions) understand the keys to creating success, and success equals happiness and wellbeing. With science as our basis, we are focusing our designs on wellness and keeping each other accountable. 

Kelli Ellis is an Internationally recognized Designer, Artist, Licensee, Speaker, a founding partner of Design Campus, and Author of the best-selling Design Psychology Coaching book, Do I Look Skinny in this House. Kelli created the Certified Design Psychology Coaching program over 8 years ago, helping designers and architects create wellness practices. After years of starring on TLC and HGTV, Kelli stars in her own show on The Design NetworkDesign Therapy. She is currently living in Barcelona and is the VP of Global Industry Relations at Ronati, a technology platform created for Antique and Art dealers to sell and thrive online. 


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