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Kelli Ellis
Kelli Ellis
Interior Designer, Influencer, Speaker, TV Host, Author
Ronati, VP Global Industry Relations

Do I look Skinny in this House?

Using Design Psychology to Create Well-Spaces for Your Client

Why do we care so much about our homes? When did this societal phenomenon begin? Entire stores and cable channels are dedicated to the remodeling of one’s home-proof that our homes are more than just walls, windows, and floors. Our homes exemplify who we are. They are an extension of us. 

Today we understand more than ever! 
We all want our homes to be our havens, our nests-our nerve centers for life. We look to our homes to represent our emotions, our passions, our travels, our families, and our careers. No longer are our dwellings a protection from the elements or a simple place to cook a meal. We wear our homes like we wear haute couture, and put them on display for all to see. Learning to design your home in a meaningful way and understanding “why” you adore certain colors, styles, and decor is more important than knowing where to place furniture in a room. Understanding the principles that create ambiance, feeling, and mood in your home are key to creating your ideal haven. 
Start with the “why” rather than the “how” when remodeling and redesiging the home begins the steps to creating a haven – your clients will experience the joy, fulfillment, and the contentment they seek.

Kelli Ellis is an Internationally recognized Designer, Artist, Licensee, Speaker, a founding partner of Design Campus, and Author of the best-selling Design Psychology Coaching book, Do I Look Skinny in this House. Kelli created the Certified Design Psychology Coaching program over 8 years ago, helping designers and architects create wellness practices. After years of starring on TLC and HGTV, Kelli stars in her own show on The Design NetworkDesign Therapy. She is currently living in Barcelona and is the VP of Global Industry Relations at Ronati, a technology platform created for Antique and Art dealers to sell and thrive online. 


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