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Jonathan Marriott
Jonathan Marriott

Founder, Principal of accessCAN Accessibility Consultant, RHAC

The New Era of Design: Livable Housing

International research indicates that it is 22 times more efficient to “design a house for change” than to retrofit it when an unforeseen necessity arises. At the time Livable Housing guidelines were introduced, the family home accounted for 62 percent of all falls and slip-based injuries and over $1.8 billion in public health expenses in Australia during 2011.Livable Housing promotes universal design standards which will help make community-dwelling a more viable option for a lifetime of living. However, what is the real cost of designing and building a livable home? Join Jonathan Marriott to learn for how Australia has radically rethought housing design to ensure a lifetime of easy living and what we can learn from them.

Jonathan Marriott relocated to Toronto in 2020 and is the Founder and Principal Consultant of accessCAN. 

Founded with the intent to promote wellness and diversity and inclusion, accessCan focuses on maximize community participation. Our goal is to help people remain part of their community for as long as possible by adopting an holistic approach towards meaningful access.

Jonathan has over 15 years’ experience in business operations and moved into accessibility after working in Central London (UK) as a Regional Business Manager for three different organisations with a global presence. 

 Jonathan is a qualified Accessibility Consultant and holds a Diploma in Access Consulting, which he undertook in Australia. Australia is one of the few countries in the world which has an accredited program dedicated to accessibility. Upon achieving his qualification, Jonathan joined an accredited Accessibility Consultancy which had 18 years of local government experience in Australia and also operates in UK. Jonathan specializes in accessibility in the built environment, transport, Livable™ housing design and assessment, development of accessibility standards and policies, as well as how to design and operate healthier buildings.

 As an accessibility consultant Jonathan values his clients as business partners. Jonathan operates as a responsible corporate citizen and broadens his skills, experience and perspective through work with diverse communities and individuals. Jonathan’s personal commitment to wellness and ethical integrity means his approach to work is consistently open, empathetic and genuine to the business partners’ needs.


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