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Jonathan Marriott
Jonathan Marriott

Founder, Principal of accessCAN Accessibility Consultant, RHAC

Lessons from Australia’s Livable Housing Initiative: Does This Trailblazer Deliver?

In 2010, Australia led the world when it brought together the national housing industry and community leaders to develop a plan to address accessibility in the residential sector. Due to the lack of accessible housing in Australia, people with disabilities and older people and their families have been marginalized and excluded from their communities.

The Livable Housing Design initiative was created to disrupt the status quo regarding the supply of housing and intended to promote inclusive housing through voluntary guidelines. The goal was ambitious; to achieve complete ‘visibility’ in all new housing by 2020.

Join me as I uncover why this initiative has made minimal progress to the accessibility of Australian homes and assess whether this trailblazer really delivers.

Jonathan Marriott relocated to Toronto from Australia in 2020 and is the Founder and Principal Consultant of accessCAN. 

Jonathan has a Masters in Business Management and is a qualified Accessibility Consultant. Upon achieving his qualification in Australia, Jonathan joined an accredited Accessibility Consultancy which had 18 years of local government experience. Jonathan specializes in accessibility in the built environment, transport, Livable(™) housing design and assessment, development of accessibility standards and policies and accessibility education and training programs. Jonathan is also a qualified RHFAC professional.

Jonathan founded accessCAN Inc. in 2020 with the intent to promote accessibility and diversity and inclusion to maximize community participation. accessCAN are able to help people remain part of their community for as long as possible by adopting a holistic approach towards meaningful access.

In November 2020 Jonathan was appointed as a member of the Advisory Committee on Accessible Transit. The committee reports to the Board of the Toronto Transit Commission regarding decisions affecting accessible transportation in the City of Toronto.

accessCAN is a certified diverse supplier through Canada’s LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce.

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