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Johnny Graham
Johnny Graham

National Sales Manager, Big Ass Fans

Calling for Air Flow: How designers can influence healthy living through critical and creative problem solving

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught industry many lessons – including the importance of contagion control, airflow, and sanitization technology.  In this highly informative/educational webinar, you’ll hear from a global leader specializing in clean air ventilation systems. This presentation is extremely relevant for all designers interested in improving air quality

Learning lessons include:

1)  The rise in awareness on the importance of air flow

2)  How thermal comfort works

3)  How to achieve additive air changes in your space and effectively improve air quality. understanding system delivery, efficacy, and accuracy of claims achieved for your healthy living approach and the differentiating factors between different systems. 


Johnny has been part of the Big Ass Fans family for over 5 years, transitioning through sales and application design roles, to ultimately becoming the National Sales Manager. With more than 10 years of experience in the construction industry, complemented by a Bachelor’s Degree and Post-Graduate Certificate within the field of environmental sciences, Johnny‘s career path has been diverse. From overseeing LEED-Certified construction projects to designing complex systems and sourcing products, Johnny‘s unique skill set has taken him around the globe, establishing key international partnerships from Las Vegas to Shanghai. He proudly brings this strong technical background and international business development experience to Big Ass Fans Canada with the ultimate goal of driving continued success through strong partnerships, comfortable buildings and happy customers. 


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