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John Groe
John Groe

PTA, CSAHD, BAEA, CPCA, CEAC, ECHMP, SLEC, DOPS Managing Partner, President Accessible Daily Living/DriveLab Inc

The Evolving Home: Designing for Clients with Neurodegnerative Disease 

Growing concern about neurodegenerative diseases is a global issue. The increase of morbidity and health burden to caregivers and our healthcare systems will be concerning. Multiple Sclerosis (MS), as one of the prevalent autoimmune diseases, is characterized by abnormal regulation of the immune system that periodically attacks parts of the nervous system; brain and spinal cord. Symptoms and impairments include weakness, numbness, visual problems, tingling pain that are quietly variable among patients. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is another neurodegenerative disease that is characterized by the degeneration of motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord.

In this presentation you will learn how the “Living in Place” movement along with the impact of a Global Pandemic, are giving rise to the need for special efforts and input  directed towards safe and inclusive homes. Understanding the progression of both diseases and the interaction of the home, will allow us to better serve immediate and future patient populations and their families. Learn to accommodate function and lack thereof, as the disease progresses. 

Coming to Soon….. USC – University of Southern California, Leonard Davis School of
Gerontology and Toronto based company, Accessible Daily Living are proud to introduce the Executive Certificate in Home Modification Program to the Canadian Healthcare and Construction industries.

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Mr. John Groe is Managing Partner, Accessibility Consultant at Accessible Daily Living (ADL) and President of DriveLab Inc. (DLI). He is responsible for all areas related to Accessibility and Business Development for ADL and DLI. Mr. Groe holds educational credentials with C11 Practices and Principles (Chartered Insurance Professional Program) as well as graduating from the Physiotherapist Assistant Program, General Arts & Sciences Program, specializing in geriatrics at Humber College. He has also successfully completed the “Accessible Construction Contractor Training and Certification Program” through March of Dimes Canada and has received his designation as a Canadian Specialist in Accessible Home Design (CSAHD) from Mount Royal University in Alberta, Canada.
Mr. Groe has spent most of his career working hands on in both the medical/rehabilitation and Insurance industries. He has extensive knowledge of rehabilitation having worked in one of Canada’s top Trauma and Orthopaedic Hospitals for more than a decade.


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