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John Groe
John Groe

PTA, CSAHD, BAEA, CPCA, CEAC, ECHMP, SLEC, DOPS Managing Partner, President Accessible Daily Living/DriveLab Inc

The Team, the Tools, the Future

We are faced with an exciting and important time for residential and public space design. With the aging population looking for solutions to their current living environment and existing barriers, we have a chance to right the wrongs of the past. A daunting task, but with the right team, understanding each other’s role, responsibility and celebrating contributions we can progress to an accessible and inclusive society. Its time to put the books and theory to test. A hands-on movement is knocking!!! Where do we begin? Know the team, Know your tools, prepare for the future.

Mr. John Groe is Managing Partner, Accessibility Consultant at Accessible Daily Living (ADL) and President of DriveLab Inc. (DLI). He is responsible for all areas related to Accessibility and Business Development for ADL and DLI. Mr. Groe holds educational credentials with C11 Practices and Principles (Chartered Insurance Professional Program) as well as graduating from the Physiotherapist Assistant Program, General Arts & Sciences Program, specializing in geriatrics at Humber College. He has also successfully completed the “Accessible Construction Contractor Training and Certification Program” through March of Dimes Canada and has received his designation as a Canadian Specialist in Accessible Home Design (CSAHD) from Mount Royal University in Alberta, Canada.
Mr. Groe has spent most of his career working hands on in both the medical/rehabilitation and Insurance industries. He has extensive knowledge of rehabilitation having worked in one of Canada’s top Trauma and Orthopaedic Hospitals for more than a decade.


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