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Jeannie Sasaki
Jeannie Sasaki
Marketing Manager, Distinctive Appliances

Ventilation 101: The Importance of Proper Ventilation to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Did you know the air we breathe indoors can be just as polluted or more than outdoor air? If the air inside doesn’t move and mingle with outside air, indoor pollutants such as germs, chemical gases, and particulates such as dust or pollen will affect your air quality. In this presentation we will learn the benefits of a proper kitchen ventilation so you can reduce mold and mildew build up and provide better quality air in your home.


Jeannie Sasaki is an experienced marketing professional who enjoys communicating the latest kitchen appliance trends and creating marketing strategies. 

You may know her from her work as the Marketing Manager at Distinctive Appliances for the last 22 years, but Jeannie can also be credited for her various roles on the

National Kitchen and Bath Ontario Chapter, and her role on the Georgian College Kitchen and Bath Advisory Committee.


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