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Ian Rolston
Ian Rolston

ARIDO, IDC, NCIDQ, LEED Green Associate
Founder | Lead Decanthropist at Decanthropy

Design Story: The Reimagined Value of an Industry

The role of interior design is critical in meeting the challenges of our increasingly changing world. However, the current practice of design is flawed and becoming increasingly marginalized by standard operating procedures. This challenges effective responses to the diverse and evolving needs of humanity. We are at the crossroads of change; we must choose our paths carefully.

Life happens in all the spaces we create. Without design the way we experience living would be drastically different. Beyond outcomes and aesthetics, what would a reframing of the value of design look like in our modern world? How would a new perspective of the importance of design change the industry? How could it impact our world and ultimately change the story of us?  Join in to explore and see the interior design industry through a new lens that will change the way you value design forever.

Ian Rolston is: a creative strategist, design enthusiast, founder of Decanthropy and an engaging speaker. Specializing in creating compelling environments, Rolston has collaborated with the world’s best firms and companies across design sectors: Hospitality, Corporate, Retail, Health Care, Science + Technology, Education and Sports Entertainment.

A native son of Toronto, Canada, Rolston uses design as a medium to challenge convention to explore spaces beyond the boundaries. Believing design has the power to solve the biggest challenges that face our world today.


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