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John O’Brien
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John O’Brien, Co-Founder, CEO, Healthcraft Products Inc., Fall Prevention & Entrepreneurial Advocate

Day 2:
It’s Time to Pay Attention to The “F” Word

The “F” word; Your clients may not be saying it, but they and their loved ones are thinking and struggling with it.  We are not talking about profanity.  The “F” word in this case, is much more insidious and can be the difference between enjoying life or fearing it;

The “F” word is “FALLS”.

Falls happen suddenly and often represent the unexpected beginning of a broader health decline.

Your clients feel blindsided, unprepared and they are looking to you for guidance. 

So, what’s your approach?

As a champion for ageless design, you know how to create safe, comfortable, and appealing living spaces.  But what does it take to truly establish trust and make your clients feel safe enough to hand you the keys to their independence?

Join HealthCraft Product’s Founder/CEO John OBrien, and National Sales Director Jason St. Amant for a lively discussion on…

5 Ways to Become A Fall Prevention Hero.

They will share key insights on what it takes to end the epidemic of falls and you will also learn about HealthCraft’s Products and unique design philosophy.

About HealthCraft:

Established in 1994, HealthCraft is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of bed, bath, and transfer safety products.  As a purpose driven company, HealthCraft is laser focused on fall prevention and is most proud of its “Key Purpose Indicator”:  895 Million safe transfers to date and counting.       

HealthCraft believes that the epidemic of falls will only be eradicated with a massive paradigm shift and is at the forefront of the fall prevention revolution.  


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