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Fawn Chang
Fawn Chang

International Interior Designer, Feng Shui Expert, Color Specialist, Keynote Speaker, Founder & Principal, Fawn Chang

Day 1:
Using Design to Subconsciously Influence Human Behavior

Current scientific research supports that and how environment drives behavior through, color, texture, light and shape influence physiology and drive behavior. Newly emerging field of neuro-architecture is the application of neuroscience to architecture – understanding how design drives behavior and impulse.  This course looks at how the design of our built environment influences the subconscious, the brain and the body, initiating complex chemical reactions driving physiology, psychology and behavior. We also explore how shape, texture and design create low-level stress which is responsible for 60-80% of physician visits annually and is responsible for the top three killers in our world today including heart disease and cancer. When stress is present, the restoration response is diminished preventing robust immunity, health, creativity, productivity and especially happiness. Understanding which design cues initiate stress or well-being is vital for all architects and designers going forward, especially in the current pandemic reality where it is necessary to explore the impact of design on human Health, Safety and Wellbeing.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion, participants will:
1. Understand interface between design, human mind/subconscious, physiology that drive human
2. Know how design can be used to removed stress perceived by the subconscious mind, and which
    will enhance and drive behavior.
3. Learn how to evaluate exterior and interior design and design cues for their influence
4.  Understand which changes are necessary to restore human to homeostasis and preferred
5.  Explore design alternatives to bring human, design and desired outcome into alignment.
6.  Feel confident in their role as a an architect of human thriving

DAY 2 Live Presentation:

Color Trends & Color Psychology 2021-22


Our world and our spaces will never be the same, and that could be wonderful.   The world has changed and our need for Color is deeper and more timely.    This course will define the role of color and design in the interface driving health and well-being for humans in the built environment.

Learn the current and future Global Mega Trends and understand how they influence Color, Design and Living in our Built Environments.  We explore color psychology and the impact design and color have in creating behavior, WFH, Learn from Home, the future of Work and Life.


Color and Design trends reflect emerging human needs. This course explores and reveals Global trends being re-evaluated in light of the global pandemic and influence upon the Health, Safety and Wellbeing.

Not a disconnected event Color is intimately and intricately connected to our habits, behavior, physiology and ultimately our health and well-being. We explore color psychology and the impact design and color have in creating behavior and purchases, individually and collectively.

This course will define the role of color and design in the interface driving health and well-being for humans in the built environment.


The learning Objectives for this 1 hour AIA/IDCEC HSW CEU, participants will:

1. Understand the implication of color and it’s impact on Human Health & Wellbeing

2. Know the significant global mega trends for adapting to thrive in a post pandemic world

3. Discover how to use color to positively impact purpose and behavior to Foster Health, Wellbeing &

4. Explore the Psychology & Biology of Color – how humans perceive space through color & design.


Fawn Chang, International Interior Designer, Feng Shui Expert, Color Marketing Expert, Keynote Speaker, Teacher, Author, Designer, Coach and Consultant.  She has been helping thousands SHIFT lives with design for over 30 years showing how design allows people to better communicate, thrive in all aspects of their lives and experience life as nature intended: simple, regenerative, healthy, and full of joy.

Internationally renowned for sharing science-backed, body-centered design skills and color wisdom to audiences around the world, Fawn identifies the human body’s response to the color, light and the design and the influence spaces have on different personalities and purposes.  Moreover, with delightful humor, Fawn connects the dots and delivers practical, actionable design strategies, tips and tricks to improve interpersonal relationships, health, well-being, communication, leadership, teams, productivity, immunity and longevity.

Fawn’s groundbreaking and engaging virtual and live keynotes, HSW CEU presentations, workshops and online courses teach individuals and professionals how to succeed in business and life by understanding the hidden dynamics of how spaces and their setup/designs influence people and their behavior – and which shifts to make and how to make them to thrive.

Her book, The Gentle SHIFT, will be released in the first part of 2021.

Get the study and the How to Guide.  Fawn participated in a multi-state study with PPG/Campos/Rand Corporation to learn how color might impact student and teacher engagement, with stunning results

Her designs break the barrier, uplifting and increasing health, wealth, happiness and success.  Fawn  consults with individuals, design professionals, businesses, realtors and anyone who wishes deliver what the body needs from design in order to thrive.


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