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Mark Roberts, Global Expert in Access, Egress and Emergency Preparedness, EVAC-CHAIR Chief Executive Officier

Eddie Rice (right) with former Ontario lieutenant-governor David Onley

DAY 2:
Canada from the Eyes of the Mobility Impaired, Accessibilty- It’s Time for Change.

Join Mark Roberts and Eddie Rice, for a live session on Emergency Prepardneness.  The design of buildings, whether it be homes or offices focuses on ACCESS for all, but is not inclusive of EGRESS.  In a country and world where it is expected to never discriminate, we must ensure everyone whether able-bodied or mobility impaired can always evacuate in an emergency, in an ever changing world it is not just related to a fire, but other emergency situations such as a terrorist attack or even related to Covid19.

Mark’s presentation offers a fascinating insight into someone who is mobility impaired and how they cope and deal with mobility challenges in any type of situation.   Mark’s presentation includes a through the key hole look at this world and covers must see life changing products.


A leading expert in the Access, Egress and the field of Emergency Medical Services, Mark has successfully led and delivered critical projects throughout Europe and internationally for over 20 years.  Previously elected by the BSI and CEN (European Committee for Standardization) as a world expert for ambulance stretchers and evacuation, Mark is globally recognized as a truly unique special talent.


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