Meet Our Speaker

Erik Listou
Erik Listou

Co-Founder of the Living In Place Institute

Reimagine Housing – All Homes Livable

Is our housing stock able to meet the needs of all current residents?  Imagine if we all could live in homes of our choice, able to meet our needs now and in the future.  In this session you will learn how to reimaging housing for everyone regardless of age or needs. The future is limited only by our collective imagination, it’s easy if we try.

Erik Listou is committed to helping all people live in homes that are accessible, comfortable and safe. His $100M+ career in residential and commercial building spans over 50 years. Recently recognized as one of the Top 50 Influencers in the kitchen and bath industry, he has honored with eight national credentials and numerous project and leadership awards. Erik, the consummate and entertaining public speaker, educator, author, and organizer, has taught professional courses for almost two decades for several industry associations. He is the former Executive Director for the Denver Habitat for Humanity and hosted and produced his own 125-episode talk radio show. Now, as Co-Founder of the Living In Place Institute, he brings his knowledge, passion, energy and leadership skills to the forefront of industry and consumer awareness through inter-professional teaming and advanced education in design and products.


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