Meet Our Speaker

Dr. Robert Thirsk
Dr. Robert Thirsk

Canadian Astronaut (ret.), Engineer, Physician, Professional Speaker

Visions That Unite Us

Inspired as a youth by the amazing exploits of the early astronauts and
cosmonauts, Dr. Robert Thirsk pursued an audacious career path in space.
Bob’s two flights as a Canadian Space Agency astronaut were life-
changing. He had the rare opportunity to view our planet from above, to
appreciate the oneness of humanity and the fragility of our natural
Most profound was the opportunity for Bob to work with other astronauts
and space agencies from around the world. Collaborative space missions
have demonstrated that cultural, economic and political barriers can be
overcome in order to stretch societal capabilities.
Bob considers planet Earth as simply a cradle for humanity. The peaceful
exploration of deep space (and similar grand challenges) is a noble goal for
the global community to pursue – a means to foster hope and to inspire us
to work together harmoniously.

After his presentation, you will discover how Vision Unite Us. 

  • Discover how much we have in common despite of our professional career paths
  • Collaboration is key to our global success
  • New perspectives inspire us

    Dr. Robert (Bob) Thirsk has academic backgrounds in mechanical engineering,
    medicine and business administration. He has flown on two space missions
    as a member of the Canadian Space Agency’s astronaut corps. Bob first
    flew aboard the space shuttle Columbia in 1996 as part of the Life and
    Microgravity Spacelab mission. His second flight in 2009 was a six-month
    expedition aboard the International Space Station. Bob and his crewmates
    performed multidisciplinary research, robotic operations and maintenance
    of Station systems and payloads. Bob continues to be a strong promoter of
    an economy based upon exploration, innovation and lifelong learning.

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