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Dr. Simona F. Mainini
Dr. Simona F. Mainini

Dr. Arch., Feng Shui Master, Consultant, Trainer, Founder, Owner at Feng Shui For Architecture

Feng Shui for Architecture: A Beginners Guide

Feng Shui for Architecture teaches us how to marry the ancient science and philosophy of Feng Shui with the architectural design and decorating of our living and working environments.

Ancient Chinese scholars understood that the built environment had the power to affect the emotional, philological and physical well-being of each of us, and consequently effect our health, our relationship and our professional success. Happiness was the consequence of a balanced lifestyle and a harmonious environment.

Today, these concepts have become foreign in our modern societies. We have lost the understanding of balanced lifestyle and have forgotten the formulas of how to create harmonious environments. Architects and Designers are often left to their own devices to figure out how to create them for their clients.

The concept of harmonious environment today has a completely different meaning and methods to be achieved that it did during the height of mathematical and scientific development of Imperial China.

But what if those teaching were to be still be made available in our contemporary architectural world today?

Join us for this presentation to learn more about what Classic Feng Shui can still do for you and your projects today.



After completing her Architecture School Studies at the Polytechnic of Milan, Italy, Dr. Mainini entered a 15-year apprenticeship with her Chinese Godfather, the last Feng Shui Master of a lineage traced back to the Tang and Song Dynasties.

Today, she is the founder and executive director of Feng Shui for Architecture, a full scale “boutique” design consulting firm that specializes in the application to architectural projects. For over 20 years she has been cooperating with many renown architectural firms on commercial, public and residential projects worldwide.

After teaching for over 20 years with the Department of Architecture and Interior Design of UCLA Ex., she also founded the teaching branch of her firm, Feng Shui for architecture Training Center, thru which she is hard at work training the next generations of Feng Shui Masters Designers & Architects.


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